Clinical Medicine Insights: Blood Disorders

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Birth MCV and MCH are Quite Reliable Parameters for the Prediction of Alpha Thalassemia Trait

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Publication Date: 13 May 2009

Type: Original Research

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Blood Disorders

Citation: Clinical Medicine: Blood Disorders 2009:2 1-4


To assess some simple blood parameters at birth that can be used as a basis to suspect α-thalassemia minor (ATM), a prospective study involving 202 consecutive neonates with MCV of less than 95 fl or less were checked for Hb Barts by HPLC. The group was divided into two, one with an MCV of 90–95 (89 cases) and the other with an MCV below 90 (113 cases). For control, 104 consecutive neonates with an MCV 95 fl were similarly checked. It has been confirmed that an MCV that is below 90 fl, especially with and MCH of 30 pg is a strong indicator of the presence of ATM (109/113). On the other hand, MCV of 90 or more, especially with an MCH of 30 or more is a strong negative indicator for ATM (70/89). Firm diagnosis of ATM at birth can thus be secured in majority of neonates.




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