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Pubmed and Open Access Visibility in Gene Regulation and Systems Biology

Posted Tue, Dec, 18,2012

Articles published in open access journals like Gene Regulation and Systems Biology are more visible and likely to receive more citations than articles published in restricted access journals.

During November, Pubmed Central statistics showed that Libertas Academica has 1,519 papers available for anyone to download for free. These papers received 34,329 views, including 11,434 downloads. The most popular paper was viewed 947 times during the month. Including abstracts, figures, tables, supplementary data, and cited-in lists, Libertas material on the Pubmed Central website was viewed 57,751 times.

In addition to this, articles in Gene Regulation and Systems Biology have now been viewed 336,946 times since 2008 through the Libertas website. This makes up part of the 9,265,834 total article views for all Libertas journals. Articles in Gene Regulation and Systems Biology have also been downloaded more than 94,566 times since 2010. The total number of article downloads for all Libertas journals is 3,062,011.

Being an open access publisher means articles are freely available to everyone, thus increasing the level of visibility for articles published in Gene Regulation and Systems Biology.

Visit the Gene Regulation and Systems Biology homepage and view more statistics here

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