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In Vitro and In Vivo Phagocytic Ability of Mouse B-1 Cells

Journal: Immunology and Immunogenetics Insights Authors: RR Novaes e Brito, BA Cortez, GM Machado-Santelli, P Xander, BH De Lorenzo et al (3554 Views since 28 Nov 2010) Find out more

Kynurenine Pathway Metabolites in Humans: Disease and Healthy States

Journal: International Journal of Tryptophan Research Authors: Yiquan Chen and Gilles J. Guillemin (16455 Views since 08 Jan 2009) Find out more

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Comparison of the Protective Effects of Radix Astragali, α-Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin E on Acute Acoustic Trauma

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Ear, Nose and Throat Authors: Min Xiong, Huangwen Lai, Chuanhong Yang, Weiyi Huang, Jian Wang et al (1559 Views since 29 Nov 2012) Find out more

Is Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β an Ultraconserved Kernel Enzyme?

Journal: Gene Expression to Genetical Genomics Authors: M. Fenger, S.B. Haugaard, O. Andersen, S. Madsbad, T. Werge and A. Linneberg (1723 Views since 11 Dec 2009) Find out more

New Strains of Streptomyces as Producers of Biofungicides and Biological Stimulators for Protection of the Shoots and Seedlings of Tiang-Shang Spruce Fir (Picea Schrenkiana)

Journal: Microbiology Insights Authors: T. D. Doolotkeldieva and N. E. Totubaeva (1645 Views since 03 Oct 2008) Find out more

Overcoming the Effects of Matrix Interference in the Measurement of Urine Protein Analytes

Journal: Biomarker Insights Authors: Timothy P. Taylor, Michael G. Janech, Elizabeth H. Slate, Evelyn C. Lewis et al (4695 Views since 01 Feb 2012) Find out more

17AAG Treatment Accelerates Doxorubicin Induced Cellular Senescence: Hsp90 Interferes with Enforced Senescence of Tumor Cells

Journal: Drug Target Insights Authors: Upasana Sarangi, Khande Rao Paithankar, Jonnala Ujwal Kumar et al (3316 Views since 06 Aug 2012) Find out more

Database Analysis of Adults with Bipolar Disorder Consuming a Micronutrient Formula

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Psychiatry Authors: Dermot Gately and Bonnie J. Kaplan (2837 Views since 01 Apr 2009) Find out more


Published This Week (18th May - 22nd May)Posted 21 May 2015

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Interview with Larry HurtubisePosted 17 May 2015

This author interview is by Larry Hurtubise, of Ohio University. Dr Hurtubise's full paper, ‘The Flipped Classroom in Medical...

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Published This Week (11th May - 15th May)Posted 14 May 2015

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following peer reviewed papers. Sign up to receive email alerts to receive immediate...

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Identifying Legitimate Journals: A Guide for ScholarsPosted 04 Feb 2015

This is a summary of a paper I recently published in Learned Publishing, the journal of the Association of Learned and Professional Society...

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