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Current Challenge in Consumer Health Informatics: Bridging the Gap between Access to Information and Information Understanding

Journal: Biomedical Informatics Insights Authors: Laurence Alpay, John Verhoef, Bo Xie et al (6982 Views since 03 Apr 2009) Find out more

Anterior Chamber-Associated Immune Deviation (ACAID): An Acute Response to Ocular Insult Protects from Future Immune-Mediated Damage?

Journal: Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases Authors: Robert E. Cone and Roshan Pais (4489 Views since 17 Nov 2009) Find out more

Targeted Chemotherapy Using a Cytotoxic Somatostatin Conjugate to Inhibit Tumor Growth and Metastasis in Nude Mice

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology Authors: Li-Chun Sun, L. Vienna Mackey, Jing Luo, Joseph A. Fuselier and David H. Coy (1576 Views since 19 Aug 2008) Find out more

Health, Climate Change and Sustainability: A Systematic Review and Thematic Analysis of the Literature

Journal: Environmental Health Insights Authors: A. Nichols, V. Maynard, B. Goodman and J. Richardson (6085 Views since 24 Aug 2009) Find out more

The pKa Distribution of Drugs: Application to Drug Discovery

Journal: Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry Authors: David T. Manallack (23443 Views since 17 Sep 2007) Find out more

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Detection of Amide and Aromatic Proton Resonances of Human Brain Metabolites Using Localized Correlated Spectroscopy Combined with Two Different Water Suppression Schemes

Journal: Magnetic Resonance Insights Authors: Rajakumar Nagarajan, Saadallah Ramadan and M. Albert Thomas (2437 Views since 15 Jun 2010) Find out more

Eszopiclone in the Management of Insomnia Among Elderly Patients

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Geriatrics Authors: Joseph W. Dombrowsky and Christopher J. Lettieri (2394 Views since 03 Feb 2011) Find out more

In Vitro and In Vivo Phagocytic Ability of Mouse B-1 Cells

Journal: Immunology and Immunogenetics Insights Authors: RR Novaes e Brito, BA Cortez, GM Machado-Santelli, P Xander, BH De Lorenzo et al (3437 Views since 28 Nov 2010) Find out more


Dr Messer discusses language changes during agingPosted 19 Mar 2015

This author interview is by Dr Rachel Messer, of Oklahoma State University. Dr Messer's full paper, Pragmatic language changes during...

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Dr Mark Miller on Phylogenetic ToolsPosted 19 Mar 2015

This author interview is by Dr Mark Miller, of University of California’s San Diego Supercomputer Center.  Dr Miller's...

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Published This Week (16th March - 20th March)Posted 19 Mar 2015

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following peer reviewed papers. Sign up to receive email alerts to receive immediate...

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Identifying Legitimate Journals: A Guide for ScholarsPosted 04 Feb 2015

This is a summary of a paper I recently published in Learned Publishing, the journal of the Association of Learned and Professional Society...

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I was delighted to submit an invited review on cluster headache pharmacology.  As someone who writes a few papers per year on these subjects, I appreciated that the submission, review and approval process for the paper was smooth and efficient. Our reviewers raised important points that improved the overall quality of the manuscript. Overall a very positive experience.

Dr Michael J. Marmura
(Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, USA)

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Aims and Scope Gene Expression to Genetical Genomics is an open access, peer reviewed journal, which covers all aspects of gene and genome expression and its effect in resulting phenotypes. Topics include mechanisms of gene regulation including epigenetics, innovative and evolving technologies, consequences of over and under expression and novel approaches to relate gene and genomic...

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