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Support Vector Machines Trained with Evolutionary Algorithms Employing Kernel Adatron for Large Scale Classification of Protein Structures

Journal: Evolutionary Bioinformatics Authors: Nancy Arana-Daniel, Alberto A. Gallegos, Carlos López-Franco et al
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Integrating Epigenomics into the Understanding of Biomedical Insight

Journal: Bioinformatics and Biology Insights Authors: Yixing Han and Ximiao He
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Tennessee’s 3-Star Report: Using Available Data Systems to Reduce Missed Opportunities to Vaccinate Preteens

Journal: Biomedical Informatics Insights Authors: Kelly L. Moore, Melissa K. Fankhauser and Pamela C. Hull
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Lujan–Fryns Syndrome (LFS): A Unique Combination of Hypernasality, Marfanoid Body Habitus, and Neuropsychiatric Issues, Presenting as Acute-Onset Dysphagia

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Case Reports Authors: Abidullah Khan, Mohammad Humayun, Iqbal Haider and Maimoona Ayub
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Clinical Correlations as a Tool in Basic Science Medical Education

Journal: Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development Authors: Brenda J. Klement, Douglas F. Paulsen and Lawrence E. Wineski
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Analysis of Parallel Algorithms on SMP Node and Cluster of Workstations Using Parallel Programming Models with New Tile-based Method for Large Biological Datasets

Journal: Bioinformatics and Biology Insights Authors: D. D. Shrimankar and S. R. Sathe
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Clustering Algorithms: Their Application to Gene Expression Data

Journal: Bioinformatics and Biology Insights Authors: Jelili Oyelade, Itunuoluwa Isewon, Funke Oladipupo, Olufemi Aromolaran et al
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Carbon Nanotube Surface Regular Topography Improves Cell Response, Depending on Cell Passage

Journal: Bone and Tissue Regeneration Insights Authors: A. Kroustalli and D. Deligianni
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Published During NovemberPosted 04 Dec 2016

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following peer reviewed papers. Sign up to receive email alerts to receive immediate...

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Published This Week (28th November - 2nd December)Posted 01 Dec 2016

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following peer reviewed papers. Sign up to receive email alerts to receive immediate...

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Public Science Insights: Can we link insect's reproductive traits with their phylogeny?Posted 28 Nov 2016

Insects constitute the largest and most diversified group in the animal kingdom, making up about 80% of the animal species. They have a...

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Identifying Legitimate Journals: A Guide for ScholarsPosted 04 Feb 2015

This is a summary of a paper I recently published in Learned Publishing, the journal of the Association of Learned and Professional Society...

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Aims and ScopeAn international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on evolutionary bioinformatics. There is growing awareness that to understand organismal form and function, through the use of molecular, genetic, genomic, and proteomic data, due consideration must be given to an organism's evolutionary context - history constrains the path an organism is obliged to take, and leaves an...

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