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The pKa Distribution of Drugs: Application to Drug Discovery

Journal: Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry Authors: David T. Manallack (29964 Views since 17 Sep 2007) Find out more

Intraspecific ITS Variability in the Kingdom Fungi as Expressed in the International Sequence Databases and Its Implications for Molecular Species Identification

Journal: Evolutionary Bioinformatics Authors: R. Henrik Nilsson, Erik Kristiansson, Martin Ryberg et al (4340 Views since 26 May 2008) Find out more

Evaluating Palliative Care - A Review of the Literature

Journal: Palliative Care: Research and Treatment Authors: Hubert R. Jocham RN, Theo Dassen, Guy Widdershoven and Ruud Halfens (8294 Views since 20 Mar 2009) Find out more

Almotriptan Malate: Early Treatment in Acute Migraine

Journal: Clinical Medicine Reviews in Therapeutics Authors: Lea S. Eiland and Dana G. Carroll (55 Views since 12 Jan 2012) Find out more

A Case Definition for Children with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics Authors: Leonard A. Jason, Nicole Porter, Elizabeth Shelleby, David S. Bell et al (2332 Views since 11 Nov 2008) Find out more

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Comparison of the Protective Effects of Radix Astragali, α-Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin E on Acute Acoustic Trauma

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Ear, Nose and Throat Authors: Min Xiong, Huangwen Lai, Chuanhong Yang, Weiyi Huang, Jian Wang et al (1883 Views since 29 Nov 2012) Find out more

Multi-gauge Calibration for modeling the Semi-Arid Santa Cruz Watershed in Arizona-Mexico Border Area Using SWAT

Journal: Air, Soil and Water Research Authors: Rewati Niraula, Laura M. Norman, Thomas Meixner and James B. Callegary (2616 Views since 30 Apr 2012) Find out more

Anterior Chamber-Associated Immune Deviation (ACAID): An Acute Response to Ocular Insult Protects from Future Immune-Mediated Damage?

Journal: Ophthalmology and Eye Diseases Authors: Robert E. Cone and Roshan Pais (5442 Views since 17 Nov 2009) Find out more


Published During NovemberPosted 30 Nov 2015

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following peer reviewed papers. Sign up to receive email alerts to receive immediate...

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Interview with Dr Xin JinPosted 30 Nov 2015

This author interview is by Dr Xin Jin, of Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Dr Jin's full paper, Targeting Breast Cancer...

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Five More Journals Accepted for Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)Posted 29 Nov 2015

We are pleased to announce that Analytical Chemistry Insights, Bioinformatics and Biology Insights, Biomarker...

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Identifying Legitimate Journals: A Guide for ScholarsPosted 04 Feb 2015

This is a summary of a paper I recently published in Learned Publishing, the journal of the Association of Learned and Professional Society...

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