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The pKa Distribution of Drugs: Application to Drug Discovery

Journal: Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry Authors: David T. Manallack (29958 Views since 17 Sep 2007) Find out more

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Identification, Nomenclature, and Evolutionary Relationships of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) Genes in Soybean

Journal: Evolutionary Bioinformatics Authors: Achal Neupane, Madhav P. Nepal, Sarbottam Piya, Senthil Subramanian et al (2659 Views since 22 Sep 2013) Find out more

17AAG Treatment Accelerates Doxorubicin Induced Cellular Senescence: Hsp90 Interferes with Enforced Senescence of Tumor Cells

Journal: Drug Target Insights Authors: Upasana Sarangi, Khande Rao Paithankar, Jonnala Ujwal Kumar et al (3804 Views since 06 Aug 2012) Find out more

Health, Climate Change and Sustainability: A Systematic Review and Thematic Analysis of the Literature

Journal: Environmental Health Insights Authors: A. Nichols, V. Maynard, B. Goodman and J. Richardson (7057 Views since 24 Aug 2009) Find out more

Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase in Children: An Algorithm to Determine When a "Wait and See" Approach is Optimal

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics Authors: Jaclyn L. Otero, Regino P. González-Peralta, Joel M. Andres et al (71605 Views since 22 Jun 2011) Find out more

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Comparison of the Protective Effects of Radix Astragali, α-Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin E on Acute Acoustic Trauma

Journal: Clinical Medicine Insights: Ear, Nose and Throat Authors: Min Xiong, Huangwen Lai, Chuanhong Yang, Weiyi Huang, Jian Wang et al (1880 Views since 29 Nov 2012) Find out more

Enhanced Expression of Radiation-Induced Leukocyte CDKN1A mRNA in Multiple Primary Breast Cancer Patients: Potential New Marker of Cancer Susceptibility

Journal: Biomarker Insights Authors: Masato Mitsuhashi, David Peel, Argyrios Ziogas and Hoda Anton-Culver (1658 Views since 22 Dec 2009) Find out more

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ER, PR, HER2, Ki-67 and CK5 in Early and Late Relapsing Breast Cancer—Reduced CK5 Expression in Metastases

Journal: Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research Authors: Kristiina Joensuu, Marjut Leidenius, Mia Kero, Leif C. Andersson et al (9375 Views since 13 Feb 2013) Find out more


Published This Week (23rd - 27th November)Posted 26 Nov 2015

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Interview with Dr Bernard FriedensonPosted 22 Nov 2015

This author interview is by Dr Bernard Friedenson, of University of Illinois Chicago. Dr Friedenson's full paper, Mutations in breast...

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Published Last Week (16th November - 20th November)Posted 22 Nov 2015

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following peer reviewed papers. Sign up to receive email alerts to receive immediate...

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Identifying Legitimate Journals: A Guide for ScholarsPosted 04 Feb 2015

This is a summary of a paper I recently published in Learned Publishing, the journal of the Association of Learned and Professional Society...

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