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Aims and Scope

Reproductive Biology Insights is a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal which focuses on all aspects of reproduction in vertebrates, particularly human. The journal covers the more scientific aspects of the field, with the aim of better health for parent and offspring through research and knowledge.

Standard Author Services

  • Submission to first editorial decision including rigorous, expert peer review in 3-4 weeks

  • Rapid publication in 2-4 weeks after acceptance

  • Unlimited revisions to typesetting proofs without deadlines

  • Paper promotion after publication through high-visibility databases, social media, and opted-in journal newsletters

  • Open access visibility and impact with no restrictions on archiving

  • CC-BY-NC licensing to prohibit unrestricted commercial re-use

  • Article level usage data (in beta)

  • Permanent availability by leading institutional libraries under CLOCKSS and LOCKSS systems

  • Proactive, professional journal staff

Optional Author Services

  • Ebook on how to enhance article visibility

  • Pre-peer review language polishing and paper formatting

  • Pre-submission paper-matching and editor in chief consultation 

Current Article Processing Fees

As an open access journal authors are charged an article processing fee after acceptance for publication by the editor in chief or associate editor.  Fees do not vary based on factors like word count or use of color images, and there is no fee charged upon submission.  Current fees are given below:

  • Authors in North America: US$1699

  • Authors in Japan: ¥199,500

  • Authors in other countries: €1275

More information on article processing fees and availability of waivers and discounts are available on the article processing fees webpage.

Manuscript Types

Case Report, Commentary, Debate, Dedication, Letter to the Editor, Meeting Report, Methodology, Opinion, Original Research, Perspective, Rapid Communication, Research Proposal, Review, Short Commentary, Short Report, Short Review, Software or Database Review, Technical Advance. Further information on these types.

Editorial Policies

All articles are subject to blind peer review by a minimum of two expert reviewers drawn primarily from the applicable journal's editorial board.  Editorial decisions are made by independent editors in chief or associate editors. The editorial process to this first editorial decision takes three to four weeks following acceptance of each paper for peer review.

In the open access business model many editorial decisions result in a fee payment to the publisher.  Because of this we maintain a strict distinction between editorial decisions, made by editors in chief or associate editors, and business decisions.  Libertas does not make nor attempt to influence editorial decisions.  Editorial decision makers receive no incentives to make decisions leading to fee payments.

The journal is committed to high standards of integrity.  Authors are required to confirm their compliance with ethical and legal requirements upon submission.  Prior to publication all authors must provide signed confirmation of compliance. Where concerns arise the journal will apply the Committee on Publication Ethics guidelines on ethical matters.

Frequency of Publication

Articles are published upon completion of production.

Citing Articles

Article citations follow this format:

Authors: Title.  Journal [year]:[volume] [first page]-[last page]

Additional Information for Authors

Our Service Promise

  • Prompt Processing: 3-4 Weeks
    to First Editorial Decision
  • Fair & Independent Expert Peer Review
  • High Visibility & Extensive Database Coverage
What Your Colleagues Say About Reproductive Biology Insights
In my experience Reproductive Biology Insights is a model for author-friendly open access journals, combining rigorous peer review with efficient speedy processing. It has been a pleasure--and no pain--working with such a good editorial and production team.
Dr Mahmoud F. Fathalla (Assiut University, Egypt)
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